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The best Cannabis & Weed Clothing collection

Actively practicing the high life 🙂 We are an anime apparel, weed, Cannabis & mystic lifestyle clothing shop for discerning men and women everywhere.
You are tired of your everyday routine ? Want something other than those suits and typical tee-shirts ? Thirsty for rare, colorful, chill, adventurous and suitable outfit ? Maybe it’s time to burn your closet full of classical shirts and finally becoming the cartoon character, the manga hero or the stoner of your dream ! With our online shop you can finally become anyone you wish for !
We propose a lot of different styles; of course we have our classic weed & cannabis clothing line, with a lot of great marijuana leaves designs. Of course, there is not only green weed plaint t-shirt, but also lots of original clothes related to the highest green plant in the world. We also have some codeine clothing & Syrup sweatshirts, because with Purple Sprite on your shirt, you can sip’ all night !
Our Weed Hoodies are the best you’ll ever find !

But don’t forget your love for your anime heroes !

What better way to remember all your favorite animes than with anime merchandise? Relive your childhood by wearing Anime clothing. The memory lives on with’s newly released apparel. From shirts and hoodies to sweatshirts, they offer a wide range of anime themed clothes, fit for any anime addict and otaku.
The great thing about the fandom is that it’s open to everyone. You’re at the streets and you meet someone in a One Punch Man t-shirt, and you just click. Thanks a lot, Saitama san.
Anime for everyday wear? Well, that’s every Otaku’s dream! What poke fan wouldn’t want to wear a Pikachu statement t-shirt or hoodie? The Higher Shop has the best Anime clothing – from a Pokemon Pikachu or Dragon Ball Goku t-shirt to a One Piece Monkey D. Luffy sweatshirt. It’s an online shopper’s paradise!
If you want to amaze your friends at a party or win a prize during a contest, we would be glad to help ! Our clothes will guarantee a successful Halloween or an unforgettable comic con or Japan expo !
If Marvel meets DC Comics, why can’t Marvel meet anime? The true test of awesome happens when Superman meets Super Saiyan Goku. When Marvel meets anime, who knows what’ll happen? The Higher Shop has high quality sweatshirts that’ll make Japanese anime meet western superheroes. Feel invincible and show it by wearing a Super Saiyan Goku battling Superman sweatshirt. If you can’t see it on the screens, you might as well wear it yourself.
Anime clothes are definitely back into style; they pack a punch, just like Saitama. Too lazy to get up and change? Laze around in a comfy and laid back One Punch Man t-shirt. Saitama has always been your typical goofball; the type of guy you wouldn’t expect something special out of. However, out of the blue, he surprises everyone with his amazing powers – powers that he claims he got from exercising until he went bald. You don’t have to go bald or exercise from being too awesome. Grab a shirt, wear it and rock it.
Pokemon has always been a kid’s bestfriend. These cute little Pocket Monsters have not only been your Gameboy’s most used tape, but they are also among the most watched cartoon characters of your childhood. Countless times have been spent wishing you were Sacha, Pokemon’s number one hero and trainer, only to be disappointed by reality. Well, you don’t have to be that disappointed anymore… You can wear your favorite Pockemon in a t-shirt or hoodie!
The best thing about owning anime merchandise is the fact that not everyone has it or knows about it. It’s like you’re wearing your own little secret, which only a true otaku can understand. Anime clothing isn’t that mainstream; it can even add a subtle charm to your outfit !

Take the advantage of using our online shop, only a few clicks and you will be good to receive your best quality DBZ sweatshirt or Blunt Stoner Tee. We even got a Genkidama of bud from Goku as a sweatshirt. We told you, Weed and Anime Clothing. 🙂
You won’t have to go to a crowded mall nor look for think you want from store to store.
No more blunt sharing with your homie who accompany you to your shopping journey.
You can recreate your whole rare clothing line directly online. Welcome !