10 reasons why Marijuana is safer than alcohol for the society AND for the buyer

marijuana safer than alcohol

When you take drugs, you are placing your life in danger. Drugs come in different forms. The moment you start abusing them, and becoming an addict, you increase the damage n your body. There are some safe drugs like marijuana, which is used medically. However, when induced in large doses

Which one is a greater threat?

According to scientific studies, it is stated that alcohol is more dangerous as opposed to marijuana. This is unlike the belief of most people, who think that marijuana is unsafe. Many studies have been conducted and this proves that alcohol is more dangerous compared to marijuana. However, it has been stated that one who takes alcohol is safer, than one taking cannabis. These sentiments are untrue. When testing the effects of a drug, one needs to know the extent of use, the effects and the reason for using it. In many occasions people use alcohol as a getaway drug, but in some cases, some will use cannabis for clinical reasons.

Many people die from alcohol abuse

According to research, many people are dying due to alcohol addiction, drunken driving, and overindulgence. However, this is not the case when it comes to cannabis. Nobody dies from using cannabis.

Nobody dies from use of cannabis in an overdoes

Alcohol is a toxic drug and when you take an overdose, it will damage your internal organs, and your way of thinking leading to death. This has happened to many people in different parts of the world. According to research, there is no case of anyone dying from cannabis overdose.

Harmful health related issues from use of alcohol

There are many harmful effects when you take alcohol as opposed to taking cannabis. You stand the risk more times more than when you take cannabis.

Alcohol damages the brain

You stand chances of killing the brain cells, and way of thinking becomes slower based on the alcoholic drinks and quantity you consume. However, nobody has ever had an issue with consuming the cannabis or have any health effects.

Alcohol has cancer links

Research ahs placed that many people who suffer from stomach cancer has a high dose of alcohol. This means you stand risking your health based on your alcohol consumption. This is not the same case with cannabis.

Alcohol is addictive

Many people in addiction centers suffer from alcoholism but not from any issues related to cannabis. Alcohol is an addictive drug and it proves hard for one to let go of the effects of alcohol.

Alcohol increases injury risks

You can fall, get in an accident, or cause damage, when you are high on alcohol since you are in a state of confusion and you do not have the capacity of controlling yourself.

Alcohol leads to aggressive and abusive behavior

People, who are alcoholic suffer from violent events like broken marriages, fights in clubs and moody feelings. You become violent since this is one of the effects of alcoholism.

In violent crimes, alcohol is involved

Cases of violent crimes usually happen when one is drunk and in a state of confusion. This might lead to death, or harming other people. This is not the case with cannabis.

Cases of alcoholism usually lead to sexual assault and domestic abuse

You shall notice that many abuse cases are alcohol related. This will include rape domestic abuse, and fights in different locations.


Let’s face it, objectivity is required for this important matter.

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