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Pure Cannabis oil Dragon Ball…


    When this artist raises his orb to the sky, one could easily believe being inside the tower of Saruman in the Middle-earth. But this world is neither a crystal ball nor a palantir, these 3000 grams of pure cannabis extraction whose THC content reaches 99%. Its creators, from the laboratory X-TRACTED in Seattle, […]

How will the cannabis industry evolve in 2016?

How will the cannabis industry evolve in 2016? The last 12 months have disrupted the cannabis industry with new economic opportunities that appear regularly in the United States, and more widely in all countries that have legalized cannabis in one form or another. New markets have emerged; existing businesses have developed in a growing industry. […]

Some of the best anime we know and you should too !


Some of the best anime our clients know and you should too ! Watching anime movies is one of the best activities I engage in personally to whirl away time. Right from the first anime I watched, I have loved it and have continued to do so. One of the first anime shows I watched long […]

Weed Life : Pharmacological and physical effects of cannabis

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Pharmacological and physical effects of cannabis   Introduction Both within and outside the United States of America, cannabis has the reputation of being the illicit drug that is the most abused in the world. The United States of America places cannabis amongst substances in the schedule-I list which implies that it is believed to be […]

[FOCUS] Cannabis use does NOT cause brain damage


  [FOCUS] Cannabis use does NOT cause brain damage The advocates of the banning of cannabis often argue, when participating in the current debate on cannabis, that occasional consumption of cannabis causes brain atrophy. They also say, it causes psychosis or, even better schizophrenia. This rumor about brain shrinkage first occurred in a study conducted […]

[FOCUS] Dragon Ball summary please ! (1/3)


  [FOCUS] Dragon Ball summary please ! (1/3) Dragon Ball tells the story of a boy living in the forest, alone. While this story began quite banal, it doesn’t take long to know that the series will be a planetary hit. There was a long time ago, residents under the name Tsuful lived quietly on […]

[Focus] Cannabis vapo, the new stoner’s habit ?


  Cannabis vapo, the new stoner’s habit ? Vaping is a process used in aromatherapy since the 1950s and consist in heating the plant below its melting point but still enough to dissolve the psychoactive resins which are then inhaled with steam without burning tar. Below are some good reasons to invest in this technology. 1. […]

The ultimate guide to concentrated cannabis

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“When getting started with drugs, the tendency is to push all limits” – I quite agree with you, Hunter. But for us it’s not just all about different drugs, it’s also about different types of the same drug, in this case weed. The resin of the plant allows such a variety of concentrates that it […]

Discovering Dragon Ball in 2016

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Discovering Dragon Ball in 2016 By the time I publish this file, I finished my first reading of Dragon Ball no less than 24 hours ago. Six weeks of discovery, laughter and emotions. Yet I have only red one single manga in my life before starting with Dragon Ball, and I have never been interested […]

Five everyday drugs that cannabis could replace

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Antidepressants, sleeping pills, anti-anxiety drugs, stimulants and analgesics may all disappear from your medicine cabinets in a near future. Cannabis is the best substitute, a product which should become a real alternative for those who do not want chemicals produced in laboratories. Good health and a better quality of life are within reach for those […]