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Buyer’s Guide

Buyer’s Guide for Customers Looking for Streetwear Products & Weed Apparel

Every individual has their preferred types of clothing to wear in their everyday lives and may just settle on something different depending on occasions. There may be those who like the comfortable wear or those who prefer the more elegant style of clothing. Whatever you prefer, there are online stores where a range of these clothes can be purchased. But what about those who are looking for unique streetwear mystic, chill or weed apparel?

If you are one of those who are looking for these products, there is one online store where you can find such! The Higher Shop!
Your Own Weed Apparel Buyer’s Guide to the Higher Shop!

The e-shop is offering a range of unique weed apparel. There is no way you can find the products they offer in any other stores. So, if you are after streetwear products, it is time that you start taking a look at these products or browsing the store’s apparel category. The products that can be found here are meant and designed for a range of ages.
For Men and Women’s Categories
Men/Women Jewelry

Want a jewelry that suits well when you are going outside and mingling in the street? You can find here a range of wood weed necklace pendant in a range of colors. You just have to see which color suits you more!
Men/Women T-Shirt

Whether you are a one-to-two-color man in the t-shirts you are wearing or prefer the multi-colored ones more, you can find what you prefer here at our weed apparel shop. Just choose from a range of unique designs featured, including that chill style, mystic galaxy or those designed with weed or cannabis.
Men/Women Sweat or Hoodie

Are you the hoodie kind of guy? Take a look at the unique hoodies offered at the store. They are either in mystic cartoon character designs or cannabis.
Women’s Jacket/Coat

Want a coat that looks different from others that you can use in walking down the street or having your morning run? What you can find here is in black color combined with big green cannabis leaves design.

Do you prefer loose shirts for your top and pair it with leggings? If you are, you can even find one that can be paired with a coat! Loose and sexy-fit. Is that your style?

Streetwear Weed Dresses

Looking for a dress that is different from what can usually be found in stores, both local and online? The High Shop has just the exact ones you are looking for! The dresses that you can find here include fitting sleeveless and long sleeves dress. Want your daughter or sister’s dress to match with your streetwear? Higher Shop also has weed apparel products for your kids!
Categories Based on Theme Design

The categories above are the simplest way of finding the clothes or pendant you are after based on your gender. Would like more specified items that you can buy at the shop based on the item’s theme design? No worries! Make your shopping easier and more fun at the Higher Shop by knowing what apparels are based on its theme design!

A combination of lines and symbols, it is the first thing one will notice when it is about Aztec designs. Are you fond of collecting and wearing items that follow this particular design? This category is just right for you! Take a look at these items and see whether you will want your feet covered with one of these multicolored canvas flat shoes! The sneakers are also in a range of color, so there is a fair chance that you could find an item in your favorite color.

Well, you do not have to smoke pots just to love such design on almost everything you wear. Anyway, it is just a design, one that allows you to show to others your own fashion statement. That is what this category is for – to celebrate your kind of fashion statement and the freedom to do so!

So, why not take a look at these cannabis-themed items and let the world see how proud you are of your own fashion style? In this category, you will be able to find a range of items you can either combine and wear all or just pair with your clothing for the day. You can find here weed apparel: T-shirts with regular and short sleeves and a sweater or hoodie. There are pendants as well in a range of colors.

Love that chill feeling associated with everything you wear? Try all these items from this category. Just by looking at each will make you feel like it or let you think that the apparel looks chilly enough in your eyes. The items you can find in this category include chill-themed tees, some tank tops, t-shirts with regular and short sleeves and even dresses for women!

Have you ever found yourself staring at a galaxy photo and noticed how calm and relaxed you felt? That is why this theme is used in a set of The Higher Shop’s apparel – to make you feel relaxed and calm as well. For added fun in what you are wearing, the theme is also designed with some characters like those from cartoons. Just imagine how fun it would be wearing a sweater with a galaxy theme design and Patrick from Spongebob on it? Fun!

Anything that has some mystic element to it is intriguing. It always seems that it hides so many secrets that you want to discover. Would you love to work your minds on these designs? It is best if you take a look at the list now! However, it would seem that the minds which are going to work on discovering the secret these designs hide are those who are going to see you wearing it!

Cannabis is a form of weed. So, if you love clothes that have this design or use it as a theme, then you will find more of these under this category. Would love to wear an all-clothing with a weed apparel theme? Take a look at what you will uncover here now!

With all these apparel categories laid out for you, all you need to do now is to decide which category the product you are looking for belongs to. From uniquely designed dresses to pendants, both can always be found at The Higher Shop. So, prepare your cart now for all purchases you are going to make!
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