Five everyday drugs that cannabis could replace

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Antidepressants, sleeping pills, anti-anxiety drugs, stimulants and analgesics may all disappear from your medicine cabinets in a near future. Cannabis is the best substitute, a product which should become a real alternative for those who do not want chemicals produced in laboratories. Good health and a better quality of life are within reach for those who trust cannabis.
There are more and more people who do not trust these medicines created by big pharmaceutical companies. This is also why many people postpone taking tablets, syrups and all kinds of chemicals produced in laboratories, at least until they have no choice but to take them.
Moreover, many patients recognize suffering from the negative effects of these drugs, especially people with psychological conditions such as depression, anxiety or lack of sleep. However, research has shown that these drugs could be substituted by cannabis: natural, with no side effects and possesses important therapeutic properties. Here are some products you can think of throwing away to make room for some green in your cabinets.

weed cannabis marijuana drugs the higher shop 2

It seems that depression is the disease of our century. Many people, encouraged by their doctors are using prescription drugs such as Zoloft, sertraline, paroxetine, sertraline, which instead of curing the problem, only mask it. People who take antidepressants at some point notice that no emotion affects them, when they take them. However, this is not positive: they can neither feel sadness nor joy. They have very inconvenient and powerful effects as they lead people toward a state of neglect, drowsiness and permanent absence.

Sometimes the patient is forced to self-medicate with weed to avoid a product that can cause them vomiting, dizziness, loss of appetite…

However, studies show that cannabis, addresses health issues. This has been known for over 600 years in India. Cannabis allows people to confront obstacles in a more relaxed manner as the THC acts on the brain, affecting the way people process emotions. According to a study by the Medical Center of Utrecht university (the Netherlands), the psychoactive element affects the endocannabinoid system leading it to give a positive responses to negative situations.

Currently, there are even varieties of cannabis specially designed for these types of users. They are also considered antidepressants. Patients who tried them before going to bed assured that they had favorable results. Meanwhile, those involved in the research believe that legalization would be the best alternative to healing those patients.



Cannabis can take the place of another type of medication, anti-anxiety drugs such as diazepam or Bromazepam. Medical studies explain that this is possible, thanks to the presence and action of cannabidiol or CBD components, and 85 other cannabinoids that act on receptors in the brain, calming the chemical processes that cause the disease.

However, it should be noted that all patients do not get cured with cannabis. Experts say that, in cases of psychological problems, time and patience are needed and the solution always depends on the conditions of the person.

In addition, all varieties of this plant are not suited to fight against anxiety. Indeed, Sativa, which are typically used to achieve a state of euphoria, often cause the opposite effect than the one needed here. In order to calm down, it is advisable to resort to Indica (high in CBD and low in THC), which helps diminish concerns, panic and stress arising from the issue.

Experts warn us that in order to find the most appropriate cure, it will be necessary to try several before finding the perfect balance between the CBD and THC, to act effectively on the patient. Moreover, it is necessary that a doctor determines what the appropriate doses are.

weed cannabis marijuana drugs the higher shop


Sleeping pills and other products that help you sleep

Our favorite plant can also win the first place compared to all these artificial products, like Zopidem among others, that are usually prescribed to treat insomnia. They always appear, in TV series and movies, to be the only solution to a widespread problem. A pill before going to bed. Nevertheless, science is once again taking side in favor of weed, already legal in some places for the medical reasons.

Scientific reports on the subject reveal that Indicas are the most indicated plants to fight insomnia; they act directly on the final stage of sleep, enabling customers to sleep deeply and without interruptions. They are the perfect cure to insomnia, sleep apnea and nightmares.

They are not only beneficial to those with sleep disorders, but also for those who have a normal sleep routine. In that case, the ability to sleep increases and the risk of waking up in the middle of the night decreases. However, it is necessary to do them with moderation, because abusing THC can cause headaches in people who already have a disorder.



Most of the studies related to the therapeutic use of cannabis are about its applications against pain. Cannabis can easily replace conventional analgesics, the ones experts adviced against prolonged consumption of,  because of the side effects they cause in the long term.

Since some are sold without too many restrictions, some people abuse it so much, that 44 people die every day from overdoses in the United States according to the Centers for control and disease prevention. The causes are understandable: few people experience any side effect, and the products are often addictive.
Cannabis can be the ideal option for those who suffer from painful diseases such as osteoarthritis or arthritis and a variety of chronic pain (for which treatment is often limited). A recent study, published in the Journal of Pain, found that people with chronic pain who had used cannabis for a year had reduced their pain, thus improving their quality of life and that, without suffering side effects. For this reason, why contaminate your body by using chemicals which we know neither the origin nor the manufacture, when we can plant with our own hands and take care of the herb that will relieve us?



occasionally, people resort to stimulants tablets that will get them on, so they can live their lives. However, these same people often use them recreationally as aphrodisiacs. Those tablets are mainly composed of amphetamine salts and certain opiates.
Cannabis can produce the same effect (like a coffee), but is healthier and safer, unlike some drugs used without control. The same way an Indica is recommended to achieve the opposite effect; in this situation it’s better to choose a good Sativa with the power to cause euphoria.
All this evidence leads more and more people to replace conventional medicines with the medicinal properties of cannabis. A recent study on 473 adult consumers surveyed by the Centre for Addictions Research of British Columbia, more than 80.6% said they renounce pharmaceuticals for the non-toxic alternative, weed.

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