[FOCUS] Dragon Ball summary please ! (1/3)



[FOCUS] Dragon Ball summary please ! (1/3)

Dragon Ball tells the story of a boy living in the forest, alone. While this story began quite banal, it doesn’t take long to know that the series will be a planetary hit.

There was a long time ago, residents under the name Tsuful lived quietly on their planet and one day, a warrior race, the sayians (sayens), landed on their home. The sayens were welcomed with open arms by the Tsuful but one day at night, when the moon appeared, these sayians turned into Giants Gorilla to end up killing all life on Tsuful. Only one person survived this disaster, Dr. Egui.

After several years of conquests, the sayens exchanged planets against other peoples technology to be able to make greater conquests. One day, while sayens lived life like every day, their King Vegeta (the father of Vegeta who will take part on Dagon Ball Z the second “season”) was killed by Frieza, an evil monster who previously accepted a covenant with this nation of warriors. When planet Vegeta seemed to be without without any hope against Freeza, they send children to space to save some Sayian lifes.

That’s what happened to Goku, named “Kakarotto” by his father Badack who was killed with the planet Vegeta by Frieza. His son escaped this tragic fate by landing on earth. Freezer was  afraid that the Sayens, this powerful race dethroned one day his kingdom, so that’s why he decided to make disappear this population.

Nobody survived the explosion except 4 Sayens who at that moment were to conquer other planets. These 4 warriors were called Radditz, Nappa, Vegeta and Goku. Later two of them will be killed (Radditz and Nappa).

While Goku landed on Earth, an old man known as Son Gohan found the baby in a forest and adopted him and named him Son Goku. The years passed and Goku became an aggressive child growing up, until the day he breaks his head in a deep gorge of a mountain. He miraculously survived and what was strange was that he was even more aggressive by now. Unfortunately one ay, while Goku went outside, he saw the moon and turned into a Giant Gorilla and accidentally kills Gohan without suspecting anything. After the tragic loss of his adopted grandfather, Son Gohan, Goku lived all alone without knowing that he had killed his grandfather and carefully kept the items he had given him.

A magic stick and a crystal ball of four stars The Dragon Ball number 4.  Thereafter, the child named Son Goku will meet other characters such as Bulma who will accompany Goku in his search of some other Dragon Ball to become one of the greatest history of all manga.


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