How to get high without drugs

get high without drugs

Many people want to get high but they find they need to take alcohol in order to have the good feeling. However, studies have shown that you can do different things, which will make your feel high. They will

  • Create excitement
  • Have a good feeling
  • Make you want to do the same action all the time
  • Take your mind to different places

You no longer need to take medication or drugs in order to feel high. Choose simple and healthy methods, which will improve your overall body performance and feel good.


This is a state of silence and concentration, which you will need to practice in order to feel high. Many people, who meditate usually end up being happy, stress free, and able to have more concentration…At first it shall seem hard to meditate but with time, you will improve your concentration and meditate for longer periods. This process makes you feel high plus you do not use any toxic substances in your body in order to get high. Once you master the act of meditation, you have your own special way, of getting high and enjoying every minute of it.

Ecstatic dancing

Many people love to dance, and thus is an ideal way of getting high and you have fun, do exercise, and you can involve many people in the process. When the body does exercises, it releases the endorphins, which leads to excitement. Dancing to the music, you love and the beats that you love will make your body active, and create a good feeling, that you shall enjoy doing repeatedly. When you do the hula hooping dances, which involve vigorous body movement, you release tension in your body.

Doing yoga

When you do yoga you have the chance of seeing yourself as a spiritual being, and this will bring in divine consciousness. You will move, concentrate and breathe, in a specific manner, which will bring you are the infinite self. There is a feeling of presence, and body movement through yoga meditation.

Breathing consciously

The way in which you breathe can lead you to be high and enjoy each moment. When you become consciously aware of your breathing, you will have ways of controlling it. This will include the beats of breathing, depths of breathing and holding the breath. The more you do it, the higher the chance of improving your overall breathing pattern. You will feel relieved after you do several conscious breathing steps.

Conscious lovemaking

Through lovemaking, you involve your mind, body, and soul. This leads to a good feeling, which many people love to experience. When you share it with someone, you love, you will create the feeling of being high and you will want to cherish each moment. Through the conscious lovemaking, you activate the full intercourse mode, which is all about pure loving and the overall sexual experience. This results in pleasure and achievement of an orgasm. The more one does it, the regular the chances of feeling high and will want the feeling to last for longer periods.


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