How to heal your body with crystals !

Crystal heal body


Many people know that crystals are used in the technological world and this is the best way for one to attain the great results when they are using them. However, further studies have shown that these crystals are very good when it comes to healing the body and making one to feel good.

  • Good way of getting energized
  • Natural energizing process
  • Cheap and affordable way of getting energy

Why invest in the silicon?

 The crystals are made from silicon, and can be used for data storage, and the computer works, and at the same time, they will have a major effect on your body. However, in order for them to be effective on the body you will need to leave them in the sun for a few hours in order to recharge, and have an effect on your body.

Keeping them closer to your body

If you love mediation you will need to collect a bunch of crystals and this will give you the chance keeping them to your body for several hours. This is one way, which shall give you the opportunity of feeling the charge inside your body. If you do not know the process of meditating, you will have the chance of wearing them as a necklace, or bracelet. You will have energy since the crystal has charge from the sun, which is channeled in your body.

Making spirit water

It is possible to drink water, which has charged crystals. You will feel energetic through the variations created by the charged water in your body. It is very easy to prepare this since you only need to have the charged crystals and let them sit in water for several hours. When drinking, you will feel more energetic since the crystals have released the charge into the water.

The crystal bed

Many people wake up feeling tired and want to go back to sleep. However, you are bound to change that notion when you use the crystal bed. This is the process of aligning crystals under your mattress and you will sleep on them. The charge is released and you feel energetic each time you wake up, and you are ready to face the day. Once you do this routinely, you will never complain of feeling sleepy all the time, or you want to remain asleep for longer hours.

Spreading the love

There are different ways you can spread the healing power of the crystals and this shall include giving out as gifts. You can give one a crystal when you notice they need more energy in their life, whey they are dull, or you want to show affection to them. You can give it to them in form of a bracelet and explain to them the kind of power that it has. You also can give a collection of crystals to someone who feels lazy and you will want them to place them in the bed. This is one way you can use to spread the healing power.

Once you start using the crystals, you have the chance of feeling energetic and most importantly, you get the chance of feeling the great energy, and share it with friends and family.

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