Marijuana is not a gateway drug, but alcohol is!

According to a recent research, it was determined that alcohol is the getaway drug contrary to the belief of many people who think that marijuana is the getaway drug. The research indicated that one will move from alcohol and start using some other stronger substance but this is not the case when you are using pot.

Why is alcohol the getaway drug?

According to the latest report, it is stated that many people will drown their fears, stress, and sorrows on alcohol as opposed to pot. Many people will find this drug easily available and it comes in a variation of different flavors, and types. It is also determined that one will start by drinking alcohol and then will go to the hard substances. The research indicates that 7 out of 10 people have become alcohol addicts before they move onto other illicit drugs in the market.

  • Easily available
  • Cheap
  • Available in different varieties


One of the reasons why alcohol is a getaway drug is the availability. If you want to drown your sorrows with pot, you will need to have constant supply and in some places, it is illegal and this means you need to start early organization. However, when it comes to alcohol, it is available on every street, and joint. You will find it much easier to use alcohol, which is easily available and you shall use it to cure your stress, or for a social drink. The more the availability, the higher the rate of addiction.

Teenage use

Many teenagers are addicts of different kinds of drugs. The report shops that some teenagers start the process by sipping the alcoholic drinks. It is common with many teenagers due to peer pressure and easily available in different corners of the world. When one can down alcohol, they are brave enough to over to other illicit substance in the drug world. This will later be pot, and other hard substances.

Available in different types

Many people want to try different kinds of drugs. Pot is not available in different flavors as compared to alcohol. There are a myriad of different alcoholic drinks, which makes it easy for one to choose the option they want and feel ideal to eliminate their sorrows and make them feel high. This is the onset of the addiction problem since some of the drinks are addictive and you will not want to let go of the drink.

Sympathy drug

Many people want to feel good about themselves and will choose a way, in which shall make them get high easily. Using hard alcoholic drinks is one method, which will drown your sorrows down the drain, get high and start feeling good about you. The more one does it, the more the chances are of feeling good about their life, circumstances and other issues.

Based on the study, it was proven that many people started their addiction problem with an alcoholic drink and later moved on to other harder substances, leading to much action. This places alcohol as the getaway drug compared to the other variations of drugs.


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