Pure Cannabis oil Dragon Ball…




When this artist raises his orb to the sky, one could easily believe being inside the tower of Saruman in the Middle-earth. But this world is neither a crystal ball nor a palantir, these 3000 grams of pure cannabis extraction whose THC content reaches 99%.

Its creators, from the laboratory X-TRACTED in Seattle, called the Dragon Balls, referring to the popular manga. And for any lover of the 710, we imagine that holding one of these balls in the hands may look like a quasi-religious experience.

Basically, in a hydrocarbon state, this concentrate called “The Clear” is obtained by a very delicate extraction process that keeps all essential plant components, the cannabinoids. After passing through glass beakers and other laboratory coils, the final product is collected in a glass container, such as a thick golden potion.

The alchemy of the reintroduction of cannabis terpenes

oil-cannabis-dragon ball

His appearance alone can satisfy the senses, but the real magic behind those orbs is in its aroma and flavor. The alchemy begins with terpenes, aromatic oils found in all types of vegetation, including cannabis. These tasty components do not only adds flavour and aroma, but also alter the effects of THC and other cannabinoids. They can thus make a more energizing variety, sedative; reducing stress, etc … Most extractions process destroys these fragile and volatile components.

After understanding the important role of terpenes in the experience of cannabis, professional of X-TRACTED developed a technique of reintroduction of terpenes after the extraction process to create effects and profiles custom flavours. These profiles can mimic the natural odours of a specific variety or create new sets of flavours.

“When we add natural terpenes, we simulate the effects of this variety,” says co-founder Ryan Abernathy. “This is one reason why the Super Lemon Haze produces the effects that you feel and the different terpenes that comprise it. When you re-create it, you will have similar effects. This is not just due to its sativa side. ”

The veil begins to raise on what makes a variety of single cannabis, and extraction technologies are beginning to consider this complex chemistry in, for example, the shape of goods as The Clear.

Dabber with the Clear


The original formula of X-TRACTED has designed reinforced cannabis oil terpenes, which is typically consumed by dabbers, using high temperatures to create steam from cannabis oil. With flavours like Banana Cream, Pure Pear, Grapevine or Lime Sorbet, and most oils. The Clear will offer fans of dabbings new aromatic backgrounds. The flavours and aromas do not fly their names, and we almost forget that oil is made from cannabis and not fruit.

For the more traditional consumers, The Clear is also produced with concentrates that mimic the terpenes and aromas of the original variety. For example, oil derived from flowers XJ-13 will be infused with the same ratios of terpenes, simulating most natural shades of the plant.

The Clear can be found in some California dispensaries, and soon in Washington.

Vaper with the Clear


On the US recreational market, The Clear is also available in cartridges at vaper. Terpenes are substantially the same and you will get a small dose of amber oil, and tiny parts of orbs. The Clear is done without solvent and without CO2. It is finally a fluid made by distillation of terpenes. “The terpenes act as a solvent,” Ryan said. “Once you have added terpenes in this product, it softens and thins.’’

And there is the difference of this product compared to other extractions. The passion and the innovation of X-TRACTED (as well as legal developments in the United States) led to the creation of an unimaginable product 5 years ago.  How about in 5 years?

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