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KFC X THC Weed Parody Green Hoodie

69.00 $ 49.00 $

All the new Premium Weed Stoner Hoodies are warm and soft inside thanks to the inner cotton. All of them are 420 official 😉 Check the photo for more info !

KFC X THC Weed Parody Green Hoodie

Here comes our newest collection ! A new quality of clothing is born… 😉

Created in partnership with the best US Head Shops ! Our designs are available all around the world !

And now introducing… Inside FLEECE ! 🙂

All the new Premium Weed Stoner Hoodies are warm and soft inside thanks to the inner cotton. Check the photo for more info !

Add a dash of fun and rebellion to your daily outfit with this fast-food-mascot-turned-weed hoodie. This is the perfect clothing to wear when you’re in the mood to amuse people but want to be comfortable at the same time.

Who doesn’t know Colonel Sanders? He has been the famous chicken-centric fast food chain’s icon for more than half a century now. Everyone knows he is a tough cookie whose glares are enough to convince you that he is serious about feeding customers with the best fried chicken ever.

And boom – this stoner apparel comes along to rattle your beliefs. You didn’t see that coming, right? Maybe you thought the colonel was just a regular businessman who barely had time for anything else.

But guess what, folks? The colonel smokes kush whenever he’s stressed out about his fried chicken sales. He must have! At least that’s what we want to think. Imagine the number of customers he has to feed on a daily basis and the irate ones that need to be assuaged on the sidelines. He needs some time off from his busy schedule and puffing cannabis is his own brand of recreation. When things get all too red for the colonel, he doesn’t mind a little codeine and being stoned every now and then.

If you want to help the guy ease his worries, then join him in this crusade. Wear this one-of-a-kind kush clothing for his sake as much as yours.

Perhaps you’re not aware that your OOTD Instagram pictures need perking up. Give your stalkers – I mean, followers – something to copy and pass off as their own. You have got to get this sweatshirt and add it to your collection of psychedelic marijuana clothing. Remember, you are the trendiest of the bunch! What better way to set a trend than to wear a goofy weed hoodie with Colonel Sanders as the poster boy.


Size chart :

Size S M L XL 2XL 3XL
Length 26″ 1/2 27″ 1/2 28″ 1/2 29″ 1/2 30″ 1/2 31″ 1/2
Chest 40 44 48 52 56 60
Sleeve 34″ 1/4 35″ 3/8 36 36″ 3/4 37″ 1/2 38″ 1/4


Free exchange and return if not 100% satisfied ! The hoodie is Spandex/Coton available from S to 3XL !
Sublimation printing = colors never fade !

Every product require 1 processing week for PRINTING & DRYING.
Thank you 🙂








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