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Multicolor Weed Stoner Closet Hoodie Blue

69.00 $ 49.00 $

All the new Premium Weed Stoner Hoodies are warm and soft inside thanks to the inner cotton. All of them are 420 official 😉 Check the photo for more info !

Multicolor Weed Stoner Closet Hoodie Blue

Here comes our newest collection ! A new quality of clothing is born… 😉

Weed is known to relax and calm the nerves. Blue does the same. Combine these two and voila! You have this Multicolor Weed Stoner Closet Hoodie Blue that’s perfect for outings and lunches at the park. From the newest line of cannabis apparel comes the softest shirt you could ever wear whatever season there is. The shade of intelligence, blue is the best color to wear when you need instant ideas, or when you need to be intellectually stimulated. Blue is also the color of creativity and relaxation.

Wear this unisex stoner shirt when you are meeting your friends and discussing smart stuff, when you need a spark of inspiration for your creative projects, when you feel you need to speak in front of your family and friends, and when you need that push to be just strikingly brainy. Of course, you can’t change your IQ just by wearing this shirt, but the psychology of color works as much as any science does. This shirt will give you the confidence you need.

Because this shirt is unisex, men and women can wear this. There are two side pockets where you can put your hands into, or where you can put your coins and keys. The long sleeves and inner fleece will make you warm during cold nights, but they won’t make you swelter in heat, too. Size isn’t a problem for this shirt comes in all sizes. It even has XL for big-boned people.

Made of the softest cotton, it is guaranteed that you will feel comfortable on your skin. Scrunch up the sleeves for a rugged look, or wear them as they are for a “cool dude” style. Make heads turn with this hoodie everywhere you go. You will stand out in the sea of plain-looking guys and girls!

Created in partnership with the best US Head Shops ! Our designs are available all around the world !

And now introducing… Inside FLEECE ! 🙂

All the new Premium Weed Stoner Hoodies are warm and soft inside thanks to the inner cotton. Check the photo for more info !


Size chart :

Size S M L XL 2XL 3XL
Length 26″ 1/2 27″ 1/2 28″ 1/2 29″ 1/2 30″ 1/2 31″ 1/2
Chest 40 44 48 52 56 60
Sleeve 34″ 1/4 35″ 3/8 36 36″ 3/4 37″ 1/2 38″ 1/4


Free exchange and return if not 100% satisfied ! The hoodie is Spandex/Coton available from S to 3XL !
Sublimation printing = colors never fade !

Every product require 1 processing week for PRINTING & DRYING.
Thank you 🙂








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