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Multicolor Weed Stoner Closet Hoodie Green

69.00 $ 49.00 $

All the new Premium Weed Stoner Hoodies are warm and soft inside thanks to the inner cotton. All of them are 420 official 😉 Check the photo for more info !

Multicolor Weed Stoner Closet Hoodie Green

Here comes our newest collection ! A new quality of clothing is born… 😉

Have you ever been to the tropics? It’s such a cool place to be in. You are in the midst of flora and fauna, surrounded by greenery – shrubs, tall trees, and the forest floor on your feet. You’d feel refreshed and light. That’s what you’d feel when you wear the multicolor weed stoner closet hoodie in green.

In psychology, green is the color of harmony, love, creativity, and abundance, and relationships. Feeling blue? Wear this green cannabis hoodie and you’ll be surprised at how it can instantly uplift your mood. Running out of creative juice for your project? Perhaps this shirt will motivate you to explore hundreds of your wonderful ideas and put them into fruition. Make this shirt your lucky charm and wear it on an important day – you’re sure to be fortunate.

But more than being a lucky charm, this shirt is your ticket to stardom. With its unique and beautiful design, you will make heads turn and you will surely stand out in the crowd. No shop has this shirt full of printed marijuana leaves. The design is also sophisticated and you won’t look cheap in it.

Don’t worry about the style. You can easily pair this up with any bottom. Wear it with leather pants, denims, or cargo pants. The hoodie goes well with white or black leggings, blue skirt, or brown shorts. You can look rugged, ultra feminine, or every inch the ‘90s kid with this green shirt.

The shirt comes in all sizes, so even plus-sized people would be able to wear this one-of-a-kind shirt. It’s also unisex – great for male and female sartorialists! You won’t be sorry once you wear this shirt. Even your family and friends will love it. Try it on and see the difference it makes in you. Buy this stoner weed apparel now!

Created in partnership with the best US Head Shops ! Our designs are available all around the world !

And now introducing… Inside FLEECE ! 🙂

All the new Premium Weed Stoner Hoodies are warm and soft inside thanks to the inner cotton. Check the photo for more info !


Size chart :

Size S M L XL 2XL 3XL
Length 26″ 1/2 27″ 1/2 28″ 1/2 29″ 1/2 30″ 1/2 31″ 1/2
Chest 40 44 48 52 56 60
Sleeve 34″ 1/4 35″ 3/8 36 36″ 3/4 37″ 1/2 38″ 1/4


Free exchange and return if not 100% satisfied ! The hoodie is Spandex/Coton available from S to 3XL !
Sublimation printing = colors never fade !

Every product require 1 processing week for PRINTING & DRYING.
Thank you 🙂








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