Some of the best anime we know and you should too !


Some of the best anime our clients know and you should too !


Watching anime movies is one of the best activities I engage in personally to whirl away time. Right from the first anime I watched, I have loved it and have continued to do so. One of the first anime shows I watched long ago was cardcaptor. Here are some anime movie I love to watch.


SAO (Sword Art Online)

The film features a lot of action with a perfect combination of sad times, fun times, adventures, sword fighting, monsters, romance, fantasy and science fiction. Within 5 minutes of watching this anime, I knew that I was going to love the anime.

This is one of the few anime that I can confidently say, has the ability to capture the heart of individuals who are not anime fans. Only people who neither love anime and science fiction at the same time, would find it difficult, falling in love with this anime.

The anime comes in episodes that are between 22 and 25 minutes long. A combination of 25 episodes makes 1 season. There are currently 2 seasons available on sale, with the third season yet to be released. There is however high hopes that the 3rd season would be out very soon.



Fairy Tail

The fairy tail is of the epic genre of anime. You would always have fun when you are watching this anime. The anime is one of those that after several years, new episodes would continue to be released.

The fairy tail has several characters that are featured in the movie. I love all the characters in the movie and I am sure you would too. If you know you don’t have the time to watch all the episodes, then it might be better you do not start from the early episodes.

Fairy tail currently has 265 episodes in 7 seasons. The episodes for the 8th season are currently being released. With any luck the movie might go on to more than 20 seasons. The manga is currently in what seems to be the last arc. Such a sad news !! :'(



Steins Gate

If you do not watch the beginning of this anime carefully, you might not understand the beginning, as I initially found it confusing, strange and weird. Even though I almost stopped watching it, I was later very happy that I continued to watch the anime. The anime was able to migrate from confusing, strange and weird to clever, complicated and beautiful.

The Steins Gate anime is full of suspense that would keep you glued to your seat for every second. Only about 24 episodes of the anime have been released


Kamisama Hajimemashita

The entertaining, fun and light anime is a comedy fantasy and romantic series. If you desire to watch an anime that is funny as well as have fantasy and romance, then this anime is a must watch for you.

From the very first episode, you would find yourself enjoying this anime. Despite being an anime and a comedy at that, there are instances where there is a high level of seriousness in the anime that are just as interesting.



If you are looking for a funny and romantic anime, then you have found one you should love. The movie features a lot of mystery that would grab your full attention. This because the mystery ends up getting more and more intriguing and complicated.

The mysteries in the anime are however very interesting, as you would find yourself laughing so hard as you watch the movie. 20 episodes were in the Season 1 of Nisekoi while 12 episodes were in the season 2. The 3rd season is currently being expected and it is hoped that it would be released very soon.

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Thanks a lot to Lara for sharing her anime love ! We love you ! 😉

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