Weed Life : Pharmacological and physical effects of cannabis

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Pharmacological and physical effects of cannabis



Both within and outside the United States of America, cannabis has the reputation of being the illicit drug that is the most abused in the world. The United States of America places cannabis amongst substances in the schedule-I list which implies that it is believed to be highly addictive and not of any medical use.

In recent times however, there have been a lot of debates about cannabis and how appropriate it is to make them illegal. Some nations have started to discover the medical importance of cannabis and are now making it legal.

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Cannabis in neurobiology

The central nervous system is affected directly by THC, a psychoactive substance found in THC. THC has the ability to catalyze enzymatic and biochemical activity and a wide neurotransmitters range. The THC has the ability to activate particular brain neuroreceptors which leads to the stimulation of the CNS. For the neurotransmitter to be activated by a substance, it applies that, that particular substance has the ability to imitate chemicals that are naturally produced by the brain.

The implication of this is that the brain has natural receptors of cannabinoid, which makes it possible for the function of the brain to be stimulated by THC. It however still remains a mystery how THC works as well as why the brain has natural receptors of cannabinoid.

Classification of cannabis

Classifying cannabis could be a tricky and very difficult. This is because it stipulates the brain in such a way that fits into serotonin, hallucinogen or psychedelic inhibitor. Furthermore, it also imitates opoids chemical responses. The several psychoactive characteristics of marijuana are the main cause of this confusion.


The receptors for cannabinoid in the brain are present in every part of the brain. It thus affects different activities of the brain including emotions. In terms of emotion, it has the ability to prevent the natural centers in the brain for reward by stimulating accumbens, a nucleus in the brain. It further stimulates amygdala, which is in charge of fears and emotions. Cannabis is thus a good anger management alternative.

THC Neurophysical effects

The neurological messages that is sent to and from the receptors and transmitters also has the ability to influence the functioning of the body’s psychology the same way nonvolitional and volitional functioning is controlled by the body. Cannabis stimulates areas that are in charge of movement of the body namely basal ganglia and cerebellum.

Cannabis thus has the ability to make a person want food, especially when it is smoked before a person is about to eat. It enhances appetite and makes an individual to eat a lot food. After eating, cannabis further encourages the production of dopamine. Cannabis thus helps to improve the appetite and eating habits of individuals.



Cannabis, compared to legal alcohol and cigarettes

Compared to alcohol and cigarettes, cannabis is a much better alternative as it is being discovered to be medicinal. Furthermore, it does not harm the body like alcohol and cigarette does. For it to be able to act with THC receptors in the brain, it means that the brain produces similar substances at particular times for the benefit of the body.

Cannabis is actually something a person can enjoy and stop at any point in time. This is because it does not have withdrawal syndromes like other addictive substances.

Overall, taking cannabis is not as bad as we are meant to believe. If you would however love cannabis to be legalized, you can rock a cannabis shirt. There are a lot of cannabis inspired designed shirt that you can order and wear fashionably at  https://www.thehighershop.com/focus-cannabis-vapo-the-new-stoners-habit/.

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