[Opinion] Why a running manga is adapted into anime before its end?

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Why an anime before the end of the manga ?

Many manga – or perhaps I should say most manga that have been adapted into anime have been long before the manga is finished. This causes a lot of problems, and is one of the reasons why very few series have consistent purposes. But this is not new, it happens since the 80s.

To understand why this happens, we must consider why the production of the anime first. Of course, the goal is to make money, but most anime are not so profitable alone. Those who benefit most in all this are the publishers of the original manga -the companies like  Shueisha , Shogakukan , KadokawaKodansha  and others. It is normal that they are involved in the anime adaptation of manga they publish, but why are they also the producers of the series, investing very heavily in the production of the anime?

The reason is that having an anime greatly increases the sale of the original work. Even if the anime ends up being disappointing, the announcement of production causes a lot of buzz in the media and create some interest in the manga or novel. Bookstores put them on display. Magazines speak about them. An anime adaptation is an excellent marketing tool.

The publishers of anime/manga also want to be successful. As producers, they would receive a large part of the profits. But as they are primarily book editors, their priority is to boost the sale of the original work. When a new manga comes out and he has the opportunity to be a hit, they want to catch the ball rebound and start production of the anime (it’s a bit what they did with One-Punch Man ).

If they wait until the end of the manga approach to fit into anime, There are chances that the anime is better and more complete. But it would take a risk, the excitement will be already gone, and it’s harder to create a craze among the public – especially if the manga was published for years. The sales boost would be too low.

It’s very complicated for an old manga to obtain financing for anime adaptation. This happens on a few but not for the promotion of manga. Maybe when the mangaka will release a new project, or start a spin-off. Perhaps the manga is a classic. Maybe the publisher is not behind the production and another company want to adapt something.

The fundamental problems concerning the adaptation of a manga that has not enough content to be adapted are evident from the consumer’s perspective. But for the people behind the production of the series, wait until the manga is finished is very problematic.

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